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Announcing “I Corinthians: Paul’s Challenge to Corruption”

If you’ve tried to figure out a Biblical response to the thorny issues of division, marital differences,  dietary issues and even spiritual arrogance, this product–I Corinthians CD–is for you.  And besides finding answers, we get to see its author, the Apostle Paul, at his shepherding best. A special goal of recent years has been to […]

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Peter Israel

I Peter: Figures of Speech and Sermons in Stone

“Literature is picture-thinking, ideas made flesh in figures of speech”, wrote a former college professor and friend, Dr. Colin Campbell (from talk given 10/10/15). The author of 1st Peter creates such word pictures for us in spades. Chapter 2 is a rich example as the writer employs a stone metaphor to explain three different functions […]

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