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Psalm 137 and Popular Culture

Just when you think popular culture has shelved the Bible as passé, along comes a haunting version of Psalm 137 sung by American singer-songwriter, Don McLean,* and captured on this video. A lament over the destruction of Jerusalem, McLean’s version of Ps. 137 captures the ache of those who were taken from their homes and brought to […]

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Kings and Prophets: Biblical Formula for Good Government

A king needs a kingdom. Every child reading fairy tales understands this.  The ancient Hebrews grasped it as well. Examining their history–as it unfolds from the Patriarchs, through the Exodus, the settlement of Canaan, the period of the Judges and finally the creation of a monarchy– is a study in kings, prophets and forms of […]

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BR The sacrifice of Abraham

Thanksgiving Gratitude for Biblical Artists

Maybe you also have friends who are remarkable artists, talents that their families say began emerging from earliest childhood.   Then there are the rest of us who can appreciate art.   I long ago reconciled myself to being in the latter category, justifying that someone had to troop through all those galleries and museums oohing and […]

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Psalms Feature

Praying the Psalms

The Psalms don’t teach us about God so much as move us into conversation with God. Structured in five parts–really a hymnal divided into five sections–they mirror the first five books of the Bible, the books of Moses. While those first five books introduce us to the great Creator, God, and His children, you might […]

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