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Weather! Heaven Help Us!”

“Heaven Help Us!” You’ve probably heard that expression — especially these days, when erratic weather patterns seem to be invading so many parts of the world.

It’s a kind of watered-down version of a cry for help in dealing with something that seems overwhelming — like crazy weather. Yet it’s one thing to read about recent floods in Germany and China and wildfires in the Western US — but an entirely different matter to experience them.

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Mrs Robin B Kadz
Mrs Robin B Kadz
August 1, 2021 8:35 am

Thank you, Madelon for sharing with us your experience with a flood of “imposition”. I have twice spoken with authority to storms that were threatening me or/and my family in entirely different circumstances and times with Jesus words “Peace be still.”. It didn’t occur to me immediately in either case to do that but as I remembered to pray about the situation it came right away that God in His creation of man had given us “dominion.” (Gen 1:26). Claiming my dominion over a belief in a power apart from God, good, I said “Peace be still” and held to… Read more »

Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown
August 1, 2021 10:29 am

Thank you Madelon for this wonderful subject this month! In Seattle, you may know we had three days of unusual hot weather last month. During that time, I recognized the fear of it happening was more than it turned out to be. After the temp rose above 80, I noticed no additional heat. I did notice the fans were blowing warm air though, so I guess it really was warm. So thank you to God for the extra protection!

Much Love on your journey

Suzanne Shellaby
Suzanne Shellaby
August 1, 2021 1:55 pm

Thank you for this very helpful vlog. One part of it reminded me of a more positive experience I had with a clergyman and the weather, Decades ago I was flying from Victoria, B.C. to Seattle in an 8-seater prop plane in a rain storm. The only calm people in that small space were a grey-haired couple. I spoke to the wife when we made a scheduled stop at a small airport between the two cities. I told her it was the bumpiest flight I could remember since I flew on prop planes as a child. She said her husband… Read more »

August 1, 2021 3:05 pm

I believe we must recognize that God has given man authority over the earth as Jesus demonstrated with the water in the boat as well as walking on the waves. As the Bible tells us, It is God that works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. Great August blog.

August 1, 2021 4:01 pm

Thank you — this is so timely ! Here at my summer home on a lake in upstate New York, we have been getting “monsoons” also, or torrential downpours. 3 nights ago, I had to drive to deliver some baked goods to a community event at our local museum. We received 3-1/2 inches of rain in less than 3 hours, and I was driving back & forth during part of this. The previous night our Wednesday church service readings from the Bible were centered around protection from such disasters as floods. That was a great help,as I reached out to… Read more »

Kaye H Patterson
August 1, 2021 5:38 pm

Dear Maddie, Thanks for all of your blogs…esp. this one. For June-August this year I am staying in the mountains of Panama during the rainy season. I came equipped with great rain gear and have been blessed by overcoming reservations and fear about getting out when it was raining or probably going to rain before I return. I love the cool, fresh feeling of the rain, and while I may return with wet shoes and some clothing, I feel uplifted and inspired reflecting on Love’s showers that bring renewal and growth. “Showers of rain will fall from heaven, / Then… Read more »

Willard Hanzlik
Willard Hanzlik
August 2, 2021 9:56 am

Maddie, Thank you for Heaven Help Us! Such a relevant topic. I’m reminded of an experience two years ago when a hurricane was headed directly for my home in Sarasota, Florida. Weather authorities for several days plotted the projected path of the storm and it was unwaveringly headed for the central west coast of Florida. Predictions were for storm surges of 10-15′ together with hurricane force winds. My home is on the water and the lower level is less than three feet above high tide, so the situation looked grim. The storm was bearing down and expected to strike at… Read more »

Scheila Ferreira
Scheila Ferreira
August 4, 2021 10:35 am

Thank you Madelon 🙂

Alison Chabonais
Alison Chabonais
August 8, 2021 12:51 pm

Thank you for all you do to expand on inspired Biblical thought, Madelon. Living in Southwest Florida, I have prayed through the threat of several hurricanes, which in my local experience may turn away into the sea or dissipate on the backend, or do less damage than people fear. In 2017 I rode alone at home through the center of Hurricane Irma, my fearless thought that all I was looking at was God as the “I” of the event. A Christian Science practitioner in South Florida was praying for me and all, along with close friends and family. The upshot… Read more »

August 10, 2021 11:57 am

Hi Madelon, Thank you for sharing your experience of God’s protection. When I first moved to the Southwest one of the book clubs at a local bookstore was reading “The Secret Knowledge of Water”, by Craig Childs. It notes on the cover: [“There Are Two Easy Ways to Die in the Desert: Thirst and Drowning”]. Not an encouraging statement, but a warning to respect it — not just at sea, but even in the desert — and to familiarize yourself with the environment. If you are interested in reading it in your new home in AZ, I’ll gladly share my… Read more »

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