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LUKE: Bible Study Workbook


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Gospel of Luke Bible Study Questions

The third gospel of the New Testament, The Gospel of Luke, is written by the only Gentile of the New Testament. The workbook provides some background for individuals studying on their own, or those involved in a group Bible Study. The ‘meat’ of the workbook is diving into the questions.  Luke sets up a number of themes and approaches his story with magnificent story-telling skill of color, drama and historical weight, which the questions will help you uncover. The parables alone in Luke make this Gospel one of the most special studies in all of the Bible’s 66 books. We hope you will gather some friends and treat yourself to this moving description of God’s great love and the Gospel’s universal message of salvation. Enjoy!

Group Bible Study

If you and your friends form a Bible study with 6 or more members, you’ll receive a $5 savings/workbook.  Please contact us at this link to receive your discount coupon code after providing a list of the six members or more.  Individuals will still order their own workbooks and have the workbook shipped to their individual addresses, paying whatever individual postage applies.


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