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Jesus’ Parables: Bible Study Workbook (Bulk)



Could anything be more familiar than the parables of Jesus?  And yet, as many of us discovered recently when we gathered to study eighteen of them in depth, we were in awe of the way they continue to unfold their treasures.  Someone once said ‘familiarity breeds complacency.’  By looking more closely at the context of the parable within the Gospel where it appears, or learning something of the historical background of 1st century Palestine’s agriculture, social customs, wedding parties, etc., these familiar stories leap off the page and grow in their impact on our lives today.  Studying them with friends only enhances your experience. BibleRoads hopes you’ll use the workbook to share insights to the questions with others, loving the experience of a Biblical learning community.

The Bible study tools contained in this Bible Roads workbook are designed to create lively discussion and deep thinking in your online video course: “Jesus’ Parables” (coming soon!)

The benefit of having your own workbook, whether you’re studying individually or with friends in a Bible Study Group, is to have all your questions, responses, insights and notes from others in one, organized location.  Then when you have your discussion, everything is right there, including reference maps and art work related to the text and period.

This kind of in-depth study can then be referred to for years to come because you’ll have both the questions and your answers, as well as notes from your study group.  Enjoy your journey!

Group Bible Study

If you and your friends form a Bible study with 6 or more members, you’ll receive free shipping, approximately a $5 value. All workbooks are mailed to a single address even though each person pays for them individually on the BibleRoads website. If interested, please contact us at this link to receive your discount and identify a single group leader to whom the workbooks will be mailed.

*** For those outside the US, downloadable versions at a discounted rate are available for all BibleRoads workbooks in order to avoid international shipping charges.  Please contact BibleRoads for more information.


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