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I Corinthians: Workbook PDF Download



The Bible study tools contained in this Bible Roads workbook are designed to create a lively discussion and deep thinking in your study of Paul the Apostle, and particularly his work in Corinth in the mid 1st century.

There is an average of five questions per chapter, with the intention that a Bible Study group would move through I Corinthians in the order it is written, chapter by chapter. Most groups find that if the individual reads their assigned chapter or chapters, takes the time to prepare thoughtful answers to the questions ahead of time, then the actual discussion with friends will be lively and engaging.

By going chapter by chapter, you’ll see the context for the more well-known texts such as the great chapter on Love, in 1st Corinthians 13. Ideas build on each other and you will discover the fascinating structure Paul brings to this lively correspondence with these urban, sophisticated citizens.


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