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DANIEL: Bible Study Guide (Bulk)



The Bible study tools contained in the spiral-bound workbook on the Book of Daniel are designed to create lively discussion and deep thinking in your exploration of Old Testament history.

Who is this Daniel of the Bible? What is the historical context for the stories about him and his friends? When did those stories actually take place? Are Daniel and his friends real people who actually lived during the Babylonian captivity? How can their courage and steadfast faith inform our own walk with God today?

And, oh, by the way, who actually wrote the book of Daniel?

You’ll learn these answers and more—and then record them in your workbook—whether you study on your own or in a small Bible group setting.

Group Bible Study

If you and your friends form a Bible Study group with 6 or more members, you’ll receive a $5 savings per workbook.

Please contact us at this link to receive your discount coupon code after providing a list of the 6 or more members.

Individuals will order their own workbooks and have the workbook shipped to their individual addresses, paying whatever individual postage applies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you living outside the US, we make downloadable versions of this workbook available at a discounted rate in order to avoid international shipping charges. Please contact BibleRoads for more information.


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