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Acts of the Apostles: Bible Study Guide

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When people ask about forming a first-time Bible Study group, they usually ask which book would be best to begin with. My answer is unequivocally “Acts of the Apostles.” Its story-telling brilliance—shipwrecks, parables, narrative, speeches—is beyond compare.

Acts’ author, Luke, who also penned the eponymous Gospel of Luke, is one of the Scriptures’ most colorful writers. He keeps the lively action and dialogue in Acts going at a fast clip! But he also makes it clear that the most important point for readers to notice is how the Holy Spirit guided the actions of the early Church and  how it continues to influence our own lives and our faith communities today.

Each chapter has between four and six thoughtful questions that reveal key themes. The questions are designed to prompt readers to think of new ways they might view such familiar material.

The workbook is designed to be used individually or by Bible study groups.

Group Bible Study

One of the most meaningful activities of many adults is joining friends and neighbors in Bible Study fellowship. BibleRoads workbooks are intended for exactly this kind of thoughtful interaction and exchange as you explore the Scriptures together.

If you and your friends form a Bible study group with six or more members, each will receive a $5 savings per workbook. Please contact us at this link to receive your discount coupon code (after providing a list of the six or more members). Individuals will order their own workbooks, have the workbooks shipped to their individual addresses, and pay whatever individual postage applies.


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4 reviews for Acts of the Apostles: Bible Study Guide

  1. Douglas Eastman (verified owner)

    This study is so important for me. After spending 2-3 hours per week preparing for each chapter, I feel that I would like to facilitate it one more time once this session is over, so I can really process the information and add to it.

    I have never really paid much attention to maps until this study and am learning how vital it is to understand just what Paul’s commitment to the believers was. I never before considered his absolute boldness and courage–leaving one place where he was beaten, stoned, vilified and ridiculed, threatened–only to return to the same place after a while to see how the believers were doing and to encourage them at frightful odds.

    Another eye-opening thing for me was to discover Paul’s vision. Long before he finally traveled to Rome, he had the vision/desire as he himself expressed “I must see Rome.” (NRSV) And one of the many sub-themes of the book of Acts was that Christianity was compatible with the Roman way of life as we learn of many high-placed officials of Rome who along with their entire household converted to Christianity. So it is understandable that Paul had to witness in Rome–the seat of The Holy Roman Empire to declare Christ’s universality. Theology as geography!

    Some questions: Was Paul a Jewish Stoic? And/or was he educated by Gamaliel in the way of Stoicism, Epicureanism, and Platoism in order to address the crowds at the Areopagas?

    We are just learning that Acts does not exist in a vacuum, but is intertwined with Galatians, Corinthians, Ephesians, etc. Hello geography.

    We all thank you for your questions and have observed that in the beginning the questions were quite obvious but as the study progresses the questions challenge us to think more deeply and substantially. In any given week we sometimes dangle between gratitude for being encouraged to think and whining because things are not so easily and glaringly grasped.

    Many thanks for this opportunity.



  2. Gayle

    I have just read the review written by Doug. I am feeling in total agreement with his detailed explanation. I have just finished studying the Book of Acts weekly with a group in our church, using your workbook as a leader. I have been appreciating Paul in a whole new way. His example of accepting and fulfilling the mission that JESUS gave him. The sacrifice and courage and love and strength etc that Paul expressed, to fulfill that mission. I appreciate Paul’s leadership and example for the disciples who were also doing their best to follow Jesus instructions to them. To spread the Gospel, the Good News that they learned from Jesus. How grateful I am that Luke was willing to spend so much of his life traveling with Paul, thus to be able to write from first hand knowledge of what Paul did and healed and taught and overcame. How would we have been able to gain the fuller understanding of Jesus’s teachings? And from the other writers of the Gospels and all those who contributed their remembrances of what Jesus did and taught to those writers. I am so much more grateful to them all, now that I know more about the sacrifices they made to share this. Including the translators and many others through history who gave their lives to witnessing these ideas to others. Amazing that we have it in this day and age to bring healing and peace to our lives. It definitely inspires me to carry on their good work.
    It also makes me very grateful for YOUR dedication to YOUR mission of sharing the Good News in the Bible with so many people! Without the workbooks and CDs of your classes, I would not have gained the inspiration and motivation that I have gained recently from the study of the New Testiment. Our study group chose to listen to your CDs together, and use your workbook to help us think about what we had read. It guided us to in depth thinking about what was happening in the lives of the people we were reading about. I’m glad we only studied one or two chapters a week, so it had time to sink in. We also shared ideas in our group meeting that we gained from various translations of the Bible and other sources of Bible history.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Anita (verified owner)

    I love our Bible Study. It has been wonderful! We are really enjoying the scholarship and fellowship. Everyone prepares to the best of their available time, but the freedom to share when you are surrounded by friends wanting to understand the Bible more. is phenomenal. I have learned my friends are quite resourceful and scholarly!

    Even more, for the first time in reading a chapter through, I am seeing the continuity of the story of Paul and the other apostles and the church. In our weekly Bible Lesson, we get pieces of the puzzle, but this study is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and seeing the whole picture.
    Thank you for having the vision to set up the workbooks. Please keep going on your quest!

  4. Annette

    I am a life-long student of the Bible, but this workbook totally stepped up my game. A friend and I worked together with this workbook, week by week. We would individually prepare a chapter and then come together to discuss our findings. With busy work schedules we could not meet every week, but we continued to plow through the chapters. It was a glorious year of study. We are so grateful for this brilliant study — and I have to say: For all the experience, study, research, thoughtfulness the price you pay is no match for the insights you gain. We will continue with Paul’s letters. Next week we start.

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