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I Corinthians (MP3 and Study Guide Combo)



Want to dive deeper into one of Paul’s most vivid letters? You can do just that by purchasing this combo pack of the I Corinthians MP3 and Study Workbook—and receive a 15% discount in the bargain.

The apostle Paul had his hands full with the Corinthian Christians. They faced challenges not only from without but also—even more so—from within their budding congregation.

Corinth was a raucous commercial and religious hub of a city located on a Greek isthmus known for its reputation as a favorite sailor’s port. The licentiousness and moral degradation demanded a tough love approach by the great Apostle. The common practices of Corinthian society presented these new Christians whom Paul had converted and taught with too many options to stray from the strict teachings of Christ.

Here is Paul at his rhetorical finest, sometimes scolding, often gently coaxing—using every method he can to persuade them to give up their self-inflated views and meekly follow Christ. He consistently encourages this obstreperous flock to love fellow Corinthians more. That theme sets up Chapter 13, known as one of the most loved passages of the entire New Testament: “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels . . .”).

MP3 runtime: 1 hour, 41 minutes


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