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Letter to the Philippians: New Criteria for Measuring Success

Have you noticed how ‘success’ keeps getting redefined? In a Western culture cruising on the ‘wealth/celebrity/image’ highway, it could be the way someone dresses, the car they drive, the size of a bank account or number of diplomas on the wall. And worse, such criteria change constantly. The Letter to the Philippians is Paul’s way […]

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Arch of Titus Rome

Paul’s Introduction to Romans and “The Gospel of God”

Discovering the variety of ways Paul opens his letters to the early Churches is like mining fields of gold—so many gems to uncover, chew on, then figure out how to apply and his introduction to Romans is no exception. Paul launches his monumental epistle to the Romans with a self-description. That alone is a spiritual aha. […]

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Psalms Feature

Praying the Psalms

The Psalms don’t teach us about God so much as move us into conversation with God. Structured in five parts–really a hymnal divided into five sections–they mirror the first five books of the Bible, the books of Moses. While those first five books introduce us to the great Creator, God, and His children, you might […]

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