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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Announcing All-New Recordings of Bible Talks!

The opportunity to study the Bible in-depth is one of the most rewarding privileges available to all of us. For me, this has manifested itself in a life-long love of growing and learning about both the historical contexts where various portions of the Bible were set and also my own journey constantly drawing me deeper into the spiritual lessons the Bible holds. This love of Bible study has led me to share what I have learned with an ever-growing audience over the past 20 years. During that time, I recorded a number of audio Bible talks focused primarily on individual books of the Bible as well as various themes found throughout the Bible. Many of these were recordings of presentations given in front of live audiences.

Madelon in the studio while recording new Bible talks

Madelon Maupin in the studio while recording a new Bible talk on the Book of Daniel

The Start of Bible Roads and New Recordings of Bible Talks

Just over a year ago, it was again time to take a step forward in my journey of sharing what I have learned about the Bible. Thus, BibleRoads was created. As part of that step, the BibleRoads team helped me to revise and re-record all of my previous audio talks as well as begin to create new ones. These new studio-quality recordings are comparable to the caliber of professional audio-books and courses you would find on After rewriting almost all of my previously recorded talks at least partially, I then went to a top recording studio in Southern California and had the joy of learning the tips and tricks for making top recordings.  I now have much appreciation for those who record professionally day in and day out.

Our technical and creative team, and myself, hope that you enjoy these fresh recordings that eliminate any concern about the ability for the listener to hear the message. If you would like to hear a 2-minute preview of each talk, you may do so by visiting the product page for each individual recording. Below the product description, you will see an audio player where you can listen. Here is a sample from Daniel: Courage Under Fire (Click the white side-ways triangle on the left of the player to listen.):

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In addition to offering a renewed and enlarged collection of Bible talks on the CD format, we are now offering all BibleRoads audio recordings in a downloadable MP3 format. The latter makes for immediate listening via your computer or MP3 player. There are simple instructions on how to download on the BibleRoads website under FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). For a complete list of available audio Bible talks, visit this page in the BibleRoads shop.

Special Discount for Purchasing the Entire BibleRoads Bible Talks Collection

For those who want to order the full set of talks, either in the standard CD format or the new MP3 downloadable form, we are offering a special price for the entire month of August. The price for the complete set already includes a 15% discount off the regular price. This month, enjoy an additional 5% discount by using the coupon code “FULLAUDIO” at checkout. Here are the links to find the complete audio collections:

To purchase either the MP3 full set download or the CD version of the full set, place the product in your cart and use the coupon code “FULLAUDIO” at checkout for an additional 5% off!

Thank you, as always, for joining me on this important BibleRoads journey.



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