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Why The Sower and the Seed Parable is the ‘First Among Equals’

As you study Jesus’ parables’, it becomes quickly obvious how important the Sower and the Seed story is, one of the few to appear in all three synoptic Gospels. (John’s Gospel doesn’t contain any parables.) Even more noticeable is that the Sower and the Seed story headlines the rest–in Matthew (Matt. 13:3-17), Mark (Mark 4:1-9) and […]

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The Power of Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Appearances

This is the next in a series of April blogs on the post-resurrection appearances that occurred in an ancient spring some 21 centuries ago, according to the Gospel of Luke. The second time Jesus comes to view after the resurrection isn’t narrated like the other two–meeting the Emmaus followers, and greeting disciples in the upper […]

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Gaining New Insights on the Easter Story

Because Madelon spent the last month in New Zealand and Australia providing Bible workshops in eight cities (see posting under ‘Events’), she is delighted to invite guest writer, Dr. Susan Humble, to once again grace readers with her inspired Scriptural insights.  Dr. Humble’s thoughts about how to unpack a text will hopefully prompt you and other […]

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BR The sacrifice of Abraham

Thanksgiving Gratitude for Biblical Artists

Maybe you also have friends who are remarkable artists, talents that their families say began emerging from earliest childhood.   Then there are the rest of us who can appreciate art.   I long ago reconciled myself to being in the latter category, justifying that someone had to troop through all those galleries and museums oohing and […]

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