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If you’re hungry to discover more of the Bible’s treasures or have a place to bring some curious question, this Bible study blog is for you.  About once per month, we will be providing brief 300-word pithy (hopefully!) statements about some aspect of understanding the Bible in a more informed way.

We’ll look at questions like:  When did Jesus promise the Comforter would come?  Why do so many Biblical women not have names?  What was Jesus’ last directive?  Who is one of the earliest prophetic voices to foretell the Messiah?  Where is the answer for bullying found in the Scriptures?  I use many resources for these blogs, all solidly academic, whether it’s The New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary or The Biblical Archaeology Society.    The blogs also use multiple Bible translations, but primarily The New Revised Standard Version and The New Living Translation versions.

Insights and guidance about money, relationships, health, business, and everything in between, is why people keep opening their Bibles.   Just because the setting is another part of the globe, and centuries ago, doesn’t mean God’s presence and guidance can’t be felt now.   If you have a special question, we hope you’ll ask it here, because we’d like this blog to meet your current needs and questions.

How about reading the Bible through in a year?  That’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists but most get stuck around Leviticus.  We’ve got what looks like a quirky way to accomplish this and it even holds your interest with some surprising ‘connective tissue’ in it.  We’ll write about our own response to doing this plan and include others’ experiences as well.

Are you in a Bible Study group, or interested in starting one? What kind of materials and resources do you need to be theologically supportive but accessible? Many are doing this kind of in-depth Bible study with friends for the first time and finding it a hugely helpful way to dig into the Scriptures. We’ll look at some tips for facilitating a Bible Study in the months to come.

Primarily, we wish you success on the most important journey any of us can take, exploring the Scriptures.  Welcome to our Bible study blog!

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Wanda Smith
June 23, 2014 3:49 am

Thanks for sharing this useful content about the bible and no doubt this is appreciable work because you have done a great job for your religion.

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