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The New Testament Video Lecture for Teens (and Adults!) *NEW*



This video course will provide an overview for the significant events of Christianity in the first century AD, including the birth, ministry and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It will cover some of his key teachings, the early Church, Paul the Apostle’s role in building the Church, and brief comments about the extraordinary apocalyptic text, Revelation.
There is a PowerPoint presentation with maps, photographs of key sites and artwork to record the milestones of this modest Movement that eventually overtook the greatest Empire of ancient history.

BibleRoads is pleased to bring you another offering in our commitment to help you fulfill the Biblical command to ‘search the Scriptures’ (John 5:39).

How it works:

This is a streaming online video lecture which means that you will need to have access to a relatively high speed internet connection each time you want to access the lecture. When you purchase the video lecture, you will establish a membership with Bible Roads and a username and password to access that membership. You can access your online video lecture any time you have a live internet connection available to your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
**Recommended internet browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari **Non-recommended internet browsers: AOL, Explorer

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