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ROMANS: Bible Study Workbook (Bulk)


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Paul’s magnificent letter to the Romans deserves and needs to be studied, and what a better way to do so than with friends in your own Bible Study group. This workbook on Romans is designed to save you the trouble of coming up with your own questions, and instead will lead you into the text with insight. One of the most meaningful activities of many adults is joining friends and neighbors in Bible Study fellowship. BibleRoads workbooks are intended for exactly this kind of thoughtful interaction and exchange as people explore the Scriptures together.

Group Bible Study

If you and your friends form a Bible study with 6 or more members, you’ll receive free shipping, approximately a $5 savings/workbook.  All workbooks are mailed to a single address even though each person pays for them individually on the BibleRoads website. If interested, please contact us at this link to receive your discount and identify a single group leader to whom the workbooks will be mailed.

*** For those outside the US, downloadable versions at a discounted rate are available for all BibleRoads workbooks in order to avoid international shipping charges.  Please contact BibleRoads for more information.

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