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ISAIAH: Pinnacle of the Old Testament – Preview

This talk focuses primarily on 2nd Isaiah, chapters 40 – 55. But Madelon will also give a brief overview of both 1st and 3rd Isaiah, the remaining “bookends” of this great prophet. The importance of the historical setting as well as the military conditions graph the whole message of the book. The Book of Isaiah is probably written by three different authors over three centuries. Its poetry and prose is some of the most majestic and loved of the entire Bible. Yet it is its message of hope, comfort and joy that makes it one of the Old Testament’s most loved and known texts. This talk provides the background, history and context to understand where each ‘author’ is writing from, his circumstances, and how the changes in geography and rulers provide the context for the middle chapters, where this talk focuses (ch. 40-55) for the Messiah or suffering servant. Enjoy this audio lecture in CD format or MP3 instant digital download. Runtime: 1 hour 17 minutes

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