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Why the Parables are Integral to Matthew’s Gospel

The synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) share similarities with each other, including their versions of Jesus’ parables. (The Gospel of John doesn’t contain parables.) When I discovered that Jesus’ parables constitute over one-third of the Master’s teachings in these three books, it was time to treat them as more than loved stories whose characters […]


Movies, Journeys and Acts

If you love golf, you probably know about a gem of a film, Seven Days in Utopia. You might not have connected it to the New Testament’s Book of Acts, but see what you think as you read. (Note: you won’t learn enough here to need a ‘spoiler alert’, so treat yourself to the film […]


Galatians Front and Center

The third part of this Galatians series addresses relevancy. If we can’t apply what we’re learning, what’s the point? My favorite question in studying the Bible is just two words: “so what”?   It’s similar to  three simple guidelines when pouring over a text, similar to the methods we’ve explored in these two months of blogs […]


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