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Spirit-impelled Pairings: Philip and the Eunuch

Biblical pairings occur throughout the Scriptures but none more remarkably than in the book of Acts. There, people find each other through the most heavenly coincidences orchestrated by nothing less than the Holy Spirit. When we encounter Philip in Acts 8, he is taking his job description seriously: apostle.  (There is another Philip who was […]


Paul’s Easter Witness: Victor not Victim

One way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ Jesus is to look at the transforming effect Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance made on a Pharisee, Saul.  Because of his Damascus road post-resurrection encounter, Paul considered himself an apostle, as chosen as the original twelve. In his most autobiographical letter, Paul writes the Galatians:             11 For I want […]


Why was Lazarus’ resurrection so Important to Early Christians?

You start to notice this focus on Lazarus in the earliest centuries of Christianity through the art. In the Roman catacombs alone there are over 55 paintings of Lazarus’s resurrection. Roughly an equal number exist of Roman sarcophagi, the marble caskets in which nobility were buried, depicting this life-affirming story relayed only in John’s Gospel. […]


The Ascent Psalms: Great Traveling Companions

As Easter approaches, what can we do differently this year to approach history’s most seminal event, Christ Jesus’ resurrection and ascension?   Please join me in considering taking a page from ancient Israel’s practice. If we were contemporaries, for example, of Mary and Joseph in the 1st century, this would be the time we’d be planning […]


I Peter: Figures of Speech and Sermons in Stone

“Literature is picture-thinking, ideas made flesh in figures of speech”, wrote a former college professor and friend, Dr. Colin Campbell (from talk given 10/10/15). The author of 1st Peter creates such word pictures for us in spades. Chapter 2 is a rich example as the writer employs a stone metaphor to explain three different functions […]


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