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“Parables, Presidential Elections, and $$: Sorting out Economic Quandaries”

With a US presidential election only months away, there is a lot of public talk about wealth and poverty, complete with a vast range of economic solutions offered to voters. About the only solution I haven’t heard is a candidate saying: “Let’s see what Jesus has to say about the subject.” Given how many of […]


Luke and his Special Affection for Widows

Discovering biographical data about writers of Scripture is tough–so many centuries ago, questionable sources, different ideas about using others’ more famous names, etc. We probably know as much about Luke, however, the evangelist/writer/historian, as any author. In addition to his Greek nationality and professional background as a physician, Luke uses the ‘we’ pronoun in parts […]


Spirit-impelled Pairings: Philip and the Eunuch

Biblical pairings occur throughout the Scriptures but none more remarkably than in the book of Acts. There, people find each other through the most heavenly coincidences orchestrated by nothing less than the Holy Spirit. When we encounter Philip in Acts 8, he is taking his job description seriously: apostle.  (There is another Philip who was […]


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