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Kings and Prophets: Biblical Formula for Good Government

A king needs a kingdom. Every child reading fairy tales understands this.  The ancient Hebrews grasped it as well. Examining their history–as it unfolds from the Patriarchs, through the Exodus, the settlement of Canaan, the period of the Judges and finally the creation of a monarchy– is a study in forms of government that are amazingly […]

Battle of Jerico - Jean Fouquet

A Prayer to Heal Vicious Nationalism

A deeper study of the Psalms is helping me understand why this ancient poetry has continued to be treasured and how they apply to the most challenging contemporary struggles. This came to thought when the Charlie Hebdo killings occurred and the West responded with increasing concern about the jihadist form of Islam. Could the Psalms […]

Happy New Year

Guest Post: The New Year and the Word (Logos)

Friends:  This is our first guest blog from friend and scholar, Dr. Susan Humble (New Testament and Early Christianity, University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology).  Having recently completed her doctorate on the Gospel of John, we thought you would find her insights particularly of interest as the calendar draws into another year.  Please […]


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