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The Quiet Power of I Thessalonians

Some people aspire to climb Mt. Whitney; others to write the Great American Novel. My desire has been to know the seven letters of Paul so well that they would become like old friends—familiar, trusted and treasured. The past ten years I’ve been on this quest and the latest deep dive has been in I Thessalonians. […]


What does the Bible say about Aging?

Are you one of the many who believe there is not a single subject today that the Bible hasn’t already addressed? Take a relatively new term like ageism, which along with racism and sexism,  are three areas that spark discrimination. What does the Bible say about aging? About being in a life stage where people used to […]


Need an Antidote to Frenzy? Discover this Biblical Prayer

Some might not think of Biblical prayer as an antidote to frenzy.  But I came across a Bible verse recently that was just that, and it was like meeting a long lost friend who –suddenly standing there face to face —you realize how much you’ve missed them. I Chronicles 4:10 is buried in one of […]


Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Announcing All-New Recordings of Bible Talks!

The opportunity to study the Bible in-depth is one of the most rewarding privileges available to all of us. For me, this has manifested itself in a life-long love of growing and learning about both the historical contexts where various portions of the Bible were set and also my own journey constantly drawing me deeper […]


Study the Book of Joshua? Really??

“I’m clueless how someone could get spiritual inspiration from The Book of Joshua since it’s all about blood and battles!” If that sounds familiar, you might be overlooking some of Joshua’s spiritual insights in this Old Testament gem which I’ve been recently discovering with a deeper reading. First, Joshua is about claiming one’s inheritance from […]


Madelon Maupin
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